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Pancíř and Black Lake

A trip to Pancíř and to the Black Lake is very popular in Železnorudsko, along the way through the Šumava forests you will be able to see the highest peak of Šumava Arber (Velký Javor), or you can refresh yourself on the terrace in Pension Azalka, where you can see the Alps in good visible conditions. At the top of Pancíř there is a well-known open door from the WeLoveSumava group. Then you will reach the Black Glacial Lake, where you will be captivated by unspoiled nature. The way back to the rental will be very comfortable and downhill all the time.

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Black lake and Nýrsko

On the way to Černá jezero you will follow the cycle path No. 33 along the Špáčský brook where they are to seeing a large beaver dam. Then you will climb the climb to Špičáčské sedlo where you turn left in the direction of Černé Jezero, the 2055 cycle path will take you along the contour line that accompanies it beautiful views of the Šumava countryside. At the U Zadních chalup signpost, head towards Hamry along the cycle path 2049 and then you will connect to the cycle path No. 33, which will take you back to Železná Red. There is no restaurant in the first half of the route.

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Prášily and Modrava

The route to Modrava is already one of the most challenging, but it is worth it. It offers you beautiful panoramas and also paths along the Šumava streams and rivers. The most beautiful one is just before Modrava, where you are There is a local brewery with a terrace and views of the Šumava countryside and it is an ideal place to lunch. On the way back, we recommend a trip through Srní, where you can refresh yourself, then give you a trip runs away faster.